At Phyllis & Mimosa we are often asked where we find the inspiration for our prints so we ask Amanda Gilham, Founder and Director of Design how she uncovers the next statement print.

"Inspiration usually comes from a travel experience or a dream destination. Our current Dominca Waterfall print was inspired while on travel to Puerto Plata. I took this amazing picture and when I brought it back I just knew we had to print it on our garments.

From here came the inspiration to do jungle birds and lime trees which you can see in our Tahitian Lime print (although there may be a few cocktails behind that one too!)

Last year I did an epic trip around the Kruger in South Africa and as you can see zebras featured in the next collection!

For our Aztec and Mexican Fiesta prints I was inspired by the vibrancy of Latin America. From the vintage cars of Cuba to the colourful streets of La Boca in Buenos Aires, there is life bursting from every corner. I love the traditional prints which we have used as a jumping off point for our Aztec range.

One of my aims behind our collections is to make the wearer feel like they are somewhere exotic... every day!"

See more Aztec Inspiration on our pinterest -

La Boca - Buenos Aires

Cuban Cars


Traditional Aztec Prints

Phyllis & Mimosa Aztec Print

Aztec Embroidered Kaftan

Phyllis & Mimsoa Mexican Fiesta Print

Mexican Fiesta Wrap Top